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Marina, California
Average Home Sizes and Asking Prices

Updated On: April 7, 2020
Zipcode Single Family Home Townhome or Condo
4 BR 3 BR #Lst 3 BR 2 BR #Lst
93933 2,400 sf $859,000 1,900 sf $747,000 109 1,700 sf $536,000 1,200 sf $457,000 24

Asking Price in 93933 - 3 Bedroom Single Family Homes
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Homes for Sale in Marina

Marina Real Estate & Homes for Sale in California

Located on beautiful Monterey Bay right on Highway One, the lovely community of Marina is the youngest incorporated city on the Peninsula. Located in Monterey County, California, Marina is a favorite spot for hang-gliders who spread their wings on the dunes at Marina State Beach. Incorporating some 9,000 acres, Marina runs 4 3/4 miles north along the Pacific Ocean from north of the former Fort Ord boundary to the Salinas River and back southeast four miles along the river to the former Fritzsche Air Field boundary.

There are currently over 20,000 happy residents are proud to call this city home. To keep residents busy throughout the year, the city of Marina hosts a number of events. Two of the most popular annual events are the Marina Air Faire and the Festival of the Winds. For outdoor recreation, Marina State Beach, the Monterey Bay, the Marina Dunes Natural Preserves, and Fort Ord Dunes State Park are terrific spots for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Marina Real Estate for Sale

Marina's real estate market is diverse and includes everything from small beachfront cottages and homes with spectacular views of the bay to hilltop estates. Interested homebuyers will find that Marina's single-family homes are priced from $350,000 for a 3-bedroom home in a quiet cul-de-sac to upwards of $660,000 for a beautifully constructed Craftsman style home in Marina's East Garrison subdivision. Marina features a small selection of townhomes and condominiums as well starting from $235,000.

Marina Real Estate Stats and Trends for the week of April 7th, 2020: homes priced around $747,413 compared to $677,846 the previous week, showing a increase of more than +9%.  For Tuesday, April 7th, the current national mortgage rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage is 4.51%; the 15 year fixed rate is at 3.90%. For a loan larger than conventional conforming loans, or 'jumbo' loan, the 30 year rate is 4.41%, while the 15 year jumbo rate currently is at 4.12%.